the bronson's. golden hour family session

we are mosaics-
pieces of light,
glued together
and music
and words.
-anita krizzan

documenting a family's story is one of the best and most rewarding experiences for me as a photographer. i love how neatly each person fits as a piece into the family dynamic.

lindsay + matt's family is one of the sweetest and most beautiful families and working with them is a dream. we met up yesterday and spent 20 minutes together, walking with the girls in a grassy field, running and playing and picking flowers. 

the little faces and hands and giggles are hilarious and awesome to me, and i usually end up chasing kids or crossing my eyes for laughs and it's kind of the best.

when choosing a photographer for your family, i hope that you chose someone who will create authentic images of you and your lives.