my daughter is 6 + how the hell did this happen?!

how is my kid 6?! my YOUNGEST CHILD IS SIX. ugh. she's 6 going on 16 anyway but gahhhhhh. we celebrated her birthday with cake she picked out, too many friggin legos and running wild and crazy in my brother's backyard with her cousin. the cutest couple of kids ever, man.

we spent maybe 10 minutes out back, playing and running. most of these im either running with them or chasing behind them. no one fell, incredibly shocking. chloe is a free spirit, a little baby gypsy like her mama and she loves wide open spaces. 

spending time going crazy is her fave thing. and also baby sethie. she got to hold him for the first time yesterday without assistance and omg her face hahahaha.

on the way home, we helped a turtle across the road.