the jacobi family // west michigan family session with jessica max


let me first preface this by saying "YOU GUYS, THE INTERNETS IS WEIRD AND CRAZY AND AHHHHH" seriously. Kelly is a fellow photographer, and she and I have been friends on facebook and chat occasionally for a while now. When she contacted me about them driving to me so that I could document her and her family I probably did a dance in my kitchen for much longer than I would admit to you. She and her family are from Wisconsin and I could not have been luckier to document a sweet, fun, and carefree family tonight. If you look closely in most of the images you can see rain....because.....we shot the whole session in rain mostly.....haha. Such good sports!

Here are some of my immediate faves. Cannot wait to get to finish this gallery.

Hey Kelly...... hiiiiii! love you guysssss!!!!!! You're all SUPER CUTE!!!!!