stay twisted // yoga, spin, and pound fit in ludington, michigan

My good friend Lauri just opened Stay Twisted downtown Ludington, and IT IS AMAZING. I love yoga, and do it at home often, but I cannot waiiiiiit to get to take classes in Lauri's beautiful little space. She offers Spin classes, Yoga classes, and starting REALLY SOON, is Pound Fit. If you've never heard of Pound Fit, I'm willing to bet you're going to think it's awesome. It's a kick ass new workout inspired by playing the drums! I mean, I don't really know how it could get better.

 Stay Twisted is located at 127 S. James Street in downtown Ludington, right next door to The Blu Moon. Classes are every weekday, and unlimited membership is only $50 a month!! What an incredible deal.

Here's a little peek into what's in store for you at Stay Twisted!