here's to 2016 // a year of growth, big love, and magic with jessica max

i almost didn't write this. i promised myself i was going to do a 'best of 2016 blog' and the i kept trying and.... it is SO hard to pick "favorites." I started with over 300 because i'm a crazy person, and i didn't narrow it down much from there because i am still a crazy person.

i tried my best to select favorites based on my growth, my art, and most specifically ME. finally sitting down and forcing myself to look through a year of my work was tough, interesting, and honestly a learning experience. this year has taken me to a lot of places, new and old, and i've had a ton of experiences that have changed not just myself but my direction and view. 

most of those of you that follow me, or are close to me, know that self portraiture is a big part of my art. you'll find several of those in the image stack below because looking back on my journey just this far was pretty incredible.... ALSO, i made a self portrait video a while back and it's pretty close to my heart still so i'm going to kick this thing off with that.

thank you so much for being a part of this crazy wild journey, and i hope that you'll take an adventure with me in 2017.