rylan // in home newborn session with jessica max

so, for arguments sake i know i said fresh 48's were probably my favorite session but.... in home newborn sessions kind of have my heart too. maybe its babies,  you guys?? haha. i know, i know. babies. but hear me out. i think my argument, before i went off on a tangent, was specifically about how different fresh 48 and newborn sessions were and i'm still standing by that. so, here is the completion of that argument. 

in 2017, i'll be offering a bundle option for mamas to book a fresh and an in home newborn session as a package because both of these sessions have my heart. i fully stand behind how different these sessions are, and love each one in such a different way and hope you can see for yourselves how and why that is. capturing the brand-newness of your child in the first hours of his or her life in the hospital is amazing. those hours go so quickly, memories so fleeting, and documenting those are priceless. bringing home that little bundle, into your home that once held just you, or you and a once only siblings, and now holds one more, is a whole new set of memories and those first few weeks will be an incredible journey for your family. i'd love to be there to document your story.