august 365 // starting a 365 personal project // jessica max



I started a 365 project, one photo a day for a year, and it’s something that I’ve tried to do twice now and failed at. Miserably. The idea for me is to keep me photographing every day, really anything, but the importance of this particularly is that what I end up photographing is almost always my kids or us as a family. Typically during the summer months, my photographs of them wane to next to nothing because I am SO BUSY. But by committing to this project, I’ve been photographing them/us doing ANYTHING, every. single. day.

And I’ll tell you what, some days it’s HARD, but I am so excited to see this through and to be able to look back at our months and our days and see our life together. We’re always together and it’s so important to take some of those simple daily snapshots of them. When I’m finished and we’ve completed this year, we’ll make a book. A book full of our year, to look back on any time we want to.

I thought it might be easiest for me to share these by sharing a personal blog every month of a collection of our images from that month, and some stuff we’ve managed so that’s what we’re doing. If you’ve made it this far, thank you for being here. MUAH

August has led us from summer, to crisp air. A huge storm that came through and put us without power for five days during which we stayed with my parents. August also brought us to committing to homeschooling full time- an adventure in and of itself that we are STOKED about. So this month starts with 1/365, an image that perfectly portrays our daily life of a little slower pace…some breathing room to grow.