The Sweetest Birth of Weslyn in Manistee, Michigan Munson Healtcare // West Michigan Emotive Photographer


Witnessing a birth is something that is impossible to describe. Jessica + Alec welcomed Weslynn to their family and being there to document her birth for them was absolutely incredible.


Jessica's story: "Weslynns birth- was nothing I ever imagined. I pictured a natural labor just like my others but the last 6 weeks of my pregnancy she flipped to breech resulting in a cesarean birth- much different then the birth plan I originally planned for- but as they say everything happens for a reason! My nerves were high, how would my body react to the medications, would I be able to do the skin to skin immediately after, could I nurse her right away? I was terrified of having a major surgery while having 2 toddlers at home but the end result was WORTH every second and every ounce of pain there after- she is PERFECT in every way, as you can see! The best part my soul sister and great friend was able to be in the operating room the entire time resulting in these amazing photos- I’ll forever cherish these photos and the memories! They hold a special place in my heart!"