rebecca // incredible vedauwoo soul session // cheyenne, wyoming road trip with jessica max

A storm was coming
but that's not what she felt.
It was adventure on the wind
and it shivered down her spine.


I drove out to Cheyenne, Wyoming before heading to Denver at the beginning of this month and FINALLY got to meet Rebecca. She's pretty amazing, and I've been looking forward to it for months and months and months. It's an 18 drive from my house, I showed up after lunch, and we pretty much grabbed her stuff, decided what we were bringing, hit the local Walmart for a couple forgotten about items and some food (because DUH) and we hit the road again for this amazing location she picked. We got pretty close... and it poured. Luckily we had several hours so we drove around and drooled and yelled over all the places we were in love with, waited for it quit, and then bolted for the first place. Here's some of my favorites. We had an incredible time, got the most freaking amazing light, and both ended up sprinting like half a mile in dresses because we weren't ready to call it because the light was too good and the park was closing haha. Whoops.