the saya women; three generations // a golden hour motherhood session scottville, mi farm residence // with jessica max


this family is near and dear to my heart, so I had a lot to say and then was stressed about what to say and just sat here obsessing over how gorgeous it is rather than write something for about an hour, and then decided i'd honestly rather you hear from THEM than me anyway since it's such a better perspective. SO, here is what Heather had to say. (if you don't know Heather, she's the blonde one with that adorbs little dude.)


"I hate having my picture taken. What I actually mean by that is I despise it. Like a lot of women I am entirely too critical of myself and I scrutinize over little things that anyone else looking at a photo probably doesn’t even notice. So when I get my picture taken I’m always so busy trying to avoid letting these flaws show (Ok Heather, head up so you don’t have a double chin. Turn your head so the moles on the right side of your face don’t show. Open your damn eyes!) that I end up making some kind of stupid face because I’m concentrating so hard on trying to not look stupid! Genius, right? Luckily for me my sister-in-law is an AMAZING photographer. Not because she’s my sister-in-law, but because she is seriously fantastic at what she does. She used to have to force me to do family photos, but every time I do a session with her I hate it less and less. Not only because the photos turn out absolutely gorgeous, but also because she made me realize how important it is to document my time with my children. Especially now while they’re young. I am constantly taking pictures of my kids either by themselves or with my husband, but I have hardly any photos of them with me. Jess has given me a few friendly reminders that I can’t get this time back and that my kids don’t care what I look like or what “flaws” I might have. And she’s so right. 

So when Jess announced back in April that she was doing motherhood sessions I knew I needed to get in on that business. I knew that my sister, whether she wanted to or not, needed to get some photos with her kiddos too, and since we are both so close with our mom I wanted her involved as well. It turns out that coordinating schedules of 4 busy women (three of them with small children) is nearly impossible, and it took us until September to actually get everyone together. And I couldn’t be happier. The weather was great and the colors and the light and everything was just perfect. We did this session at the farm house where my sister and her kids currently live, which is also where my dad grew up and where my parents raised my sister and me, so it’s a place that has a lot of meaning to us all. Trying to coordinate 5 small children was as much fun as you can imagine, and there were times I started to stress, but Jess didn’t allow that. She told me to quit worrying about it and have fun, and she did her thing. And I am absolutely in love with these photos. And we had so much fun! The pictures of my mom, sister, and I? I’m in love! I looked at a few of them where I am so obviously cackling and thought “We are so ridiculous”, but that’s exactly who we are when we are together! Jess is a master at taking beautiful candid photos that you don’t even know she’s taking. In this session she managed to make me feel relaxed and beautiful (someone get this girl a gold medal!) and perfectly capture all of our unique personalities. I am soooooooo glad I did this session and that Jess was able to capture some precious moments with the two women and the five children I love most in this world."