holly + jason // holland michigan lifestyle family session at the beach

yesterday I got to travel to Holland, Michigan to photograph this family at one of their favorite beach locales. most of you know by now that the beach is my PLACE, and finding other people/families that enjoy this as much as I do is pretty amazing. Holly + Jason met up with me, showed me the hiking path through the woods and down to the beach and we got to chat for a while as we made our way to the waves.

this family, you guys. their love for each other and their closeness radiates off them, and I left their session for my two hour drive home with little warm fuzzies. that doesn't even compare to how my heart felt as I was editing a few favorites to show Holly because I know she's just like me- dying to see! my heart is all squishy for them today, and I'm so excited to show you guys a handfull of my favorites from their session.