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I am
Jessica Max

I am a mama, an adventurer, a gemini, a lover of shadows, a gypsy soul.  I spend the days documenting my children's outrageous for all things wild or creepy crawling, watching them see the world. I collect small details and big moments and every single thing in between. I have an obsession with Redbull and road trips. I don't sleep often. I read obsessively. I carry a copy of The Alchemist with me everywhere. If you like The Big Lebowski, I will immediately befriend you. I like poetry, loud music, the water, the smell of old books. I love my husband fiercely + he is my greatest adventure. He is the ebb to my flow.

I crave emotion filled storytelling portraits and realness.  I want to document your moments and I wish for you to have proof of your memories to share with your children and your family for years to come. 

My art is focused on motherhood, families, couples, and intimate weddings with a storytelling approach. Raw and emotional photographs that tell a story.


"I fall in love every day, with ideas and sensations, people I see. I hold them long enough to let them go, but I keep them in my heart and in my soul."

— Atticus