Here's some of the places my work has been featured recently- if you click on each image, you can see the feature. You’ll also find information on upcoming travel dates and workshops here as well!

Don’t Erase Me: Documenting Childhood & Self without Rules

Join me for this INCREDIBLE 3 week online workshop experience that explores the power of documenting not only your children, but equally as important, YOU. Cultivating inspiration and creating a vision of approaching and documenting your story, and capturing it without fear or pressure of perfection.

Instructor at The Unraveled Academy

If you’re a photographer and are not yet familiar with this incredible community, I urge you to check them out and JOIN US. Inspiration, knowledge, and a hell of a lot of amazing artists in an insanely welcoming community. What’s not to love?

LOOKSLIKEFILM & Pic-Time Best GIF challenge

Winning GIF

Instructor at Beyond the Wanderlust

I am an online educator at Beyond The Wanderlust. Check out my workshop!

Featured on LLF

Recent feature over on the LOOKSLIKEFILM community

ClickPro Member

The Monochromatic Lens Image winner

Photographer for Spectrum Inspired

If you have a child on the spectrum or know someone who does, PLEASE check out Spectrum Inspired and their amazing cause and apply for a session in your area!

Feature image printed in The Long Way Home magaze "Light + Dark" issue

Print issue of The Long Way Home magazine

Do More Photographer

Do More Photographer

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