Where are you located?

I live in Ludington, Michigan. I travel often, and spend a lot of time on the road. I also love Puerto Rico dearly, and spend as much time there as possible.

If you're not local to the state of Michigan and you're interested in a session- let me know! I love love loveeeee to travel, and am SO open to that. There are lots of options to make that happen.


How far to do you book in advance?

I prefer to book up to about a year in advance. I think that time frame is about the best for what everyone envision.


Do you help us pick clothing?

Yesssssss. Selecting outfits is one of my favorite things, and I am so stoked to help you do that. You'll get a welcome guide, along with a style board to help you get ideas. Then during our consultation we'll go over outfits in depth, and I'll choose specific pieces for you if you would like me to also!


Any other questions?

Email me! I am an open book!