nanette // get to know boudoir sessions with jessica max

So, have you been wanting to book a boudoir session but haven't gotten around to pulling the trigger? What's keeping you? I'm here to answer your questions, tell you that it's freaking AMAZING, and it's a TOTAL BLAST. I'm going to show you what a session looks like with me on a regular day, in my regular location, with regular outfits I ask my clients to choose from. Things they would be comfortable in, that they can select for themselves.

We laugh a lot. I will probably dance around and shake my butt, and more than likely slide across the floor on my socks too fast and slip and fall. I am not a ninja. I wish I was. We will laugh more. You will have fun, and I hope you will leave having not only made a new friend but having been shown how gorgeous and badass YOU are.

Nanette came up to hang with me from Grand Rapids. We literally just hung out and chatted while we shot. She's hilarious, has the BEST hair, annnnnd she's got the cutest giggle ever.

If you're thinking about scheduling a session with me, and are curious about something or would love to chat, I would LOVE to talk to you! Email me! Message me! Let's meet up! Because I promise you that you are gonna have a great freaking time! Let's make some art of that pretty face of yours!